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Ideally, the best way to design and install a sprinkler system is when the landscape plan is complete — but that’s not usually how it works in practice. Why?
Many sprinkler systems are installed by homebuilders right after construction — before sod is laid, before knowing buyer’s landscape preference.
Or new homeowners rush to install an irrigation system— eager to keep their sun-baked grass green and thriving.
Lack of funds: Often landscape plans are last on the list of homeowners’ budget priorities.


That’s why sprinkler installations by other companies are typically cookie-cutter designs where sprinkler heads just line the perimeter of the yard. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing…if all you want is grass. But today, even homeowners who insist on low maintenance demand trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and unique landscape features.


All things considered, a small investment in a sprinkler system upgrade will pay big dividends in a greener, prettier, more water-wise yard…that will save you water and money!


Key Benefits of the Service

Corrective recommendations for coverage deficiencies as well as water conservation efforts. Coverage deficiencies are the result of poor distribution uniformity, which causes poor aesthetics and excessively high water bills. These deficiencies are created when one area of a specific control zone receives less water in a given amount of time than other areas within the same control zone.

  Irrigation adjustment on every property to coincide with the weather and evaporation transmit rate
  Use water efficient technologies such as “Smart Controller” to regulate irrigation and water usage through Global Satellite Systems
 Properly recycle any green waste generated on all of our client’s sites
  Landscape & Irrigation Renovation
  Landscape Drain Systems